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Social Anxiety CCBT Groups
For 14 years I have offered Comprehensive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy  (CCBT) Groups year round, for the treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).  Enrolling has now begun for the next 14-week Saturday morning group. Each session is 3 hours.  A group typically has six members.

These therapy groups are active, structured cognitive-behavioral groups. Everyone in the groups has social anxiety-generalized type and is working to overcome it. 

They are for people who are functional, in the sense that they are currently working or going to school/college.   Being out of the house every day is crucial to using the cognitive strategies we learn and practice in the group.

Participating in the group is much easier than people expect.  There is never any rational reason to be anxious about the therapy group.  No one in group is forced or coerced to do anything.

People fit in quickly and make acquaintances and friends easily. Before you know it...group becomes fun!

Here are the basic requirements….

1. Completion of the Comprehensive SAD Assessment Packet. This will include a diagnostic appointment which including going over your results. This is necessary for assessment purposes to insure you meet the clinical definition of social anxiety disorder according to the DSM-IV, and to fully understand what a cognitive-behavioral group for social anxiety involves.  

2. A personal motivation to overcome social anxiety personally as well as a commitment to the group. This requires both a willingness to cooperate in your own hierarchy and active support of everyone else's progress too.

3. To insure that we maintain a motivated group of people throughout the length of the group, we will ask you to sign a CCBT Group Contract that you will participate in these sessions.

3.  The group uses the audio therapy series by Dr. Richards' Director of the Social Anxiety Institute (SAI) called "Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step". Each member needs to own their own personal copy of the OSA:SBS series.  Each week we discuss and make practical use of each of the therapy methods explained on the audio series. It is pictured below. (Here is the SAI hyperlink for the audio series and workbook https://socialanxietyinstitute.org/social-anxiety-treatment/audio-therapy/overcoming-social-anxiety you can also preview Audio Session #1 for FREE. )

Getting started is really easy...simply send me an email at rapreuit@gmail.com requesting more information. (I also have another website providing additional information about the Comprehensive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) that I offer for Social Anxiety Disorder www.socialanxiety-phobia.com